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Psychosis, Autonomy & Recovery Research Unit

Our Psychosis, Autonomy and Recovery Research Unit is focused on understanding what factors may help or hinder the autonomy of people with psychosis, particularly in relation to treatment decision-making, and our overall aim is to  develop safe and effective psychological interventions to to support it. Our projects are detailed below.

Understanding cognitive biases in people with and without psychosis

We are trying to understand why some people make decisions based on limited evidence, and how this may contribute to psychotic symptoms.

Understanding the causes of psychotic symptoms

We are conducting research on the psychological and social causes of psychotic symptoms, from loneliness and trauma to reasoning biases.

Understanding treatment decision-making capacity in psychosis

We are trying to understand what factors help or hinder the treatment decision-making capacity of people with psychosis.

Developing and testing psychological interventions for psychosis

We are evaluating the safety and effectiveness of psychological interventions for people with psychosis, and developing new interventions.

Improving treatment decision-making capacity and empowerment in psychosis

We are developing ways to support people with psychosis to make their own decisions about treatment, and to reduce their feelings of disempowerment in this area.

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